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Marriage of writers and readers alike. Sparkling diamond engagement rings of thoughts meld with the flowing ink and soft strokes on the keyboard. Lured by sweet perfumes of honeymoon escapes. Hearts sharing energetic rose-petaled dreams in partnerships with other souls. Endearing commitments of greater goodness wed and intertwined between the…

Photo by Cristian Palmer on Unsplash

stormy moonlighted swells crashing my soul
Delphinus star pattern illuminates
breathing earthly troubles taking its toll
Poseiden ruling underwater fates

Undersea peace beneath powerful waves
sunlight rays glistening between cloud puffs
harmonious synchronicity saves
sea creatures swaying dance in water roughs

Goddess Amphitrite singing dolphin blues
mythical sea nymphs leading sinking ships
desires of folklore hearts providing clues


just call me jules! all my friends do! Others know me as Miz Mindful. I’m just a girl with the dream to make a mindful difference in a world of present moments

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